National Youth Council of Macedonia established

The National Youth Council of Macedonia was founded on June 29, 2013 in Struga. The Council was founded by 55 organizations (youth organizations, organizations for youth, alliances and youth wings of political parties).

As the president of the National Youth Council of Macedonia, Ivana Davidovska noted, its mission is to represent the interests and needs of young people as a liaison with all the stakeholders and to ensure the involvement and active participation of youth in the decision-making process at every level.

NMS-MKD-2According to the adopted Statute, the National Youth Council of Macedonia (NYCM) will be managed by the following bodies: General Assembly, Management Board, Supervisory Board and Executive body – Secretariat. Delegates of the Founding Assembly elected Ivana Davidovska (CID) for President, Dona Kosturanova (MOF) for Vice President and board members Ivan Jovanov, Goran Georgiev (Scout Association of Macedonia), Daniel Kalajdzieski (HERA), Arben Ristemi (Centre for Community Development) and Antonio Jovanovski (Go Green). The Management Board elected at the Founding Assembly prepared a work plan for the next six months. According to this plan, the NYCM will focus on promoting the role of this body and the way in which cooperation is established with the institutions.

The goals of NYCM lay down the guidelines under which it will operate in the future. Goals include: encouraging processes for creation of appropriate policies enabling social and personal development of young people, representing and acting on behalf of the interests of young people and youth organizations, representing their interests before the institutions; unification and development of the capacities of the youth sector through the strengthening and promotion of the role of youth organizations, promotion of non-formal education and encouraging the creation of systems for supporting youth at a local and national level; promotion and action for strengthening youth participation in the decision-making processes, promotion of youth activism, youth information and active citizenship among young people, promoting equality, the treatment of youth, tolerance and democracy among youth.

The criteria for membership established with the Statute enable organizations working for and with the youth to have the opportunity through their participation to present the actual interests and needs of young people in our country. The criteria for full members stipulate that they need to have young people in the governing bodies of the organizations, to have at least a three-year experience working on youth issues, an annual budget of at least 123,000 denars, and to cover at least 300 young people annually with at least 10 activities.

The youth organizations are entitled to 2 votes in the General Assemblies, youth organizations and youth wings of political parties are entitled to 1 vote, whereas the alliances may have up to 4 votes.

The complete process of establishing the National Youth Council of Macedonia is strongly supported by the European Youth Forum which is the largest umbrella organization in Europe representing and advocating for the rights of youth before the international institutions. The president of the European Youth Forum, Peter Matjashik once again stressed that the European Youth Forum is closely monitoring the entire process, with even more support and participation in building its capacities. This support is actually part of the strategic orientation of the Forum to work on supporting youth rights. In fact, the establishment of such a council in Macedonia will lead to greater inclusion of young people in Macedonia in all the decision-making processes. The European Youth Forum will continue to directly support its work in the future as well, in order to meet all the criteria for integrating the National Youth Council of Macedonia in the European Youth Forum.

After its establishment in Struga, the National Youth Council is facing many challenges. Throughout the upcoming period, NYCM will initiate intensive communication with all the institutions in our country competent in youth issues, in order to encourage a structured dialogue during the decision making process. NMSM will be a strong representative of youth interests in our country, with an ultimate goal will be to improve the situation of young people in our country. In addition, the National Council will also play a major role in the strengthening of the youth sector in our country, by networking with and supporting organizations, providing benefits for the youth – such as inclusion in quality and sustainable activities.

At the end, president Ivana Davidovska said she expects all institutions and stakeholders to recognize this authentic and democratic initiative, which has the sole purpose of improving the decision making processes. This would allow young people to directly exercise their rights to participate.

Founding organizations of the National Youth Council of Macedonia


Scout Association of Macedonia
Red Cross of Macedonia

Youth organizations

AEGEE Macedonia
Bujrum – Center for Rural Development-Kumanovo
Go Green – Skopje
European Association of Law Students in Macedonia – ELSA RM
EMSA Macedonia
IAESTE Macedonia
Islamic Youth Forum
Forum Oratores – Skopje
Krekativ – Skopje
Youth Can – Skopje
Youth Educational Forum – Skopje
Young European Federalists
Youth Alliance – Tetovo
Youth Council – Strumica
Regional Roma Educational Youth Association-RROMA
European Center SN7 – Tetovo
Cr8ive8 – Skopje
Citizens’ Association for Democracy “Together Macedonia” – Bitola
Youth Forum – Bitola
Center for Intercultural Dialogue – Kumanovo
Center for Community Development – Kicevo
Organization “Council for Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency” – CPJD

Organizations for Youth

AKVA – Struga
Democratic Renewal of Macedonia – MODOM
Democratic Union for Integration
Association for Development of the Roma community “Sumnal”
Youth Cultural Center – Bitola
Multikultura Tetovo
LIDEM – Liberal Democratic Youth
Regional Center for Sustainable Development – Gevgelija
Organization of Women of Sv. Nikole
Youth organization of the Democratic Party of Serbs in Macedonia
NSDM – New Social Democratic Youth
Youth Union of VMRO-People’s Party
CIVIL – Center for Freedom
Youth Association AURORA – Tetovo
Young Socialists of Macedonia
Democratic Union of Youth
Centre for Sustainable Community Development-Debar
SDMM-Social Democratic Youth of Macedonia
“Focus” Foundation – Veles
YES Foundation
Economic education for young managers – Junior achievement
Foundation for Local Community Development – Stip
Reactor – Research in Action
Centre for Development and Promotion of Public Life – Tetovo
Metamorphosis Foundation – Skopje

Associate members

Association for protection of the cultural identity of Egyptians IZIDA 41/21 Resen
Youth Union – Krusevo
Institute for Community Development – Tetovo
SIRMA – Kumanovo

Source: fakulteti.mk „Основан е националниот младински совет на Македонија“

Организации основачи на Националниот младински совет на Македонија





Сојуз на извидници на Македонија

Црвен Крст на Македонија



Младински организации


АЕГЕЕ Македонија

Бујрум – Центар за рурален развој –Куманово

Гоу Грин – Скопје

Европско здружение на студентите по право во РМ – ЕЛСА РМ

ЕМСА Македонија

ИАЕСТЕ Македонија

Исламски Младински Форум

Клуб на Оратори – Скопје

Крекатив – Скопје

Младите можат – Скопје

Младински oбразовен форум – Скопје

Млади европски федералисти

Младинска Алијанса – Тетово

Младински Совет-Струмица

Регионална Ромска Образовна Младинска Асоцијација-РРОМА

Европски центар СН 7 – Тетово

Cr8ive8 – Скопје

Здружение на граѓани за демократија „Тогетхер Мацедониа“ – Битола

Форум на Млади – Битола

Центар за меѓукултурен дијалог – Куманово

Центар за развој на заедницата – Кичево

Организација Совет за превентива против малолетничка деликвенција – СППМД


Организации за млади


АКВА – Струга

Демократска обнова на Македонија – МОДОМ

Демократска унија за интеграција

Здружение за развој на ромската заедница “Сумнал

Младински културен центар – Битола

Мултикултура Тетово

ЛИДЕМ – Либерал демократска младина

Регионален центар за оддржлив развој – Гевгелија

Организација на жени на Св. Николе

Младинска организација на Демократска партија на Србите во Македонија

НСДМ – Нова социјал демократска младина

Унија на Млади Сили на ВМРО-Народна партија

ЦИВИЛ – Центар за слобода

Здружение на млади АУРОРА- Тетово

Млади социјалисти на Македонија

Демократски Сојуз на млади

Центар за одржлив развој на заедницата-Дебар

СДММ- Социјал демократска младина на Македонија


Фондација “Фокус” – Велес

Фондација ПСМ

Економска едукација за млади менаџери – Junior achievment

Фондација за развој на локалната заедница ФРЛЗ – Штип

РЕАКТОР – Истражување во акција

Центар за развој и унапредување на јавниот живот – Тетово

Фондација Метаморфозис – Скопје


Придружни членки


Здружение за заштита на културниот идентитет на Египќаните ИЗИДА 41/21 Ресен

Младински Сојуз – Крушево


Институт за развој на заедницата – Тетово

СИРМА – Куманово

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