POINT Conference – Political Accountability and New Technologies

POINT Conference (Political Accountability and New Technologies) is a regional conference of civil society organizations from 7 countries of Southeast Europe intensively engaged in using new technologies in their work.

POINT conference is organized by CA Why not (Zašto ne) from BiH in cooperation with CRTA from Serbia and Metamorphosis from Macedonia.  In the organizational committee of the conference are also Mjaft from Albania, CDT, CEMI and MANS from Montenegro, CCI and 6yka from Bosnia and Herzegovina, FLOSSK from Kosovo, and CERP center from Croatia.

POINT will have five main themes that will be the focus of the conference in the context of the use of new technologies: monitoring of government’s work and advocacy, the openness of the government and public records, elections and the electoral process, education, information and training, as well as mobilization and organization.

The POINT Conference will, over its three days, include a series of lectures, speeches, multimedia presentations,  panel  discussions, workshops, Skype conferences, film projections, all with the participation of local, regional and global civil society activists, media experts, media representatives, experts in new technologies, developers, bloggers, and even representatives of institutions and the business sector. The conference will, in a dynamic way and by using new technologies and visual tools, along with active participation by conference participants, as well as internet users, debate on the selected issues and define the basic problems in these fields and present concrete examples and experiences used by civil society, as well as strategies in working on these topics.

POINT will represent a platform for civil society in the use of new technologies – it aims to be a tool for education about the use of new technologies and social networks; a forum for exchanging opinions and experiences; an incubator for the development of ideas, projects and strategies; a virtual space for networking and informing of all socially conscious Internet users; and a social network for exploring and searching for partners and associates and building coalitions.

POINT has 4 segments:

@POINT live – conference in Art Cinema “Kriterion” in Sarajevo – presentations, lectures, multimedia, panels, Skype conversations, films and discussions. Three full days of conference work with over 50 speakers, presenters and panelists from BiH, from the region, Europe and the world.

@POINT share – strategic meetings of civil society organisations in the context of the use of the new technologies for various purposes, initiatives and projects, such as corruption, EU integration, the elections, monitoring institutions, education, etc.

@POINT online – apart from the participants of the conference, it would also be open for the online community. All sessions will be broadcasted live on the conference website, users will be able to send their questions via social networks and even ask questions during the presentation, comment sessions and presenters, and participate in online discussions. All presentations, the conference program and all important links will also be part of the site.

@POINT fun – an evening program will be a break from the daily action and activism, and it will offer some fresh talents from the music scene.  Evening entertainment will also take place in the Art Cinema “Kriterion”, and will offer content for each of the three nights of the conference.

Source: POINT Conference website

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