Announcement: Projection “Imagine!”

As part of the project “Imagine your future”, the “Imagine” projection will take place on Monday, February 23, 2009, 19:30h in the Macedonian Film library.

The projection is an exotic trip through the stories and dreams of 21 young persons.
It is a creative projection conveying positive messages in a different way…
This is a projection that you must not miss!

“Imagine your future” is an international project, part of a program developed and implemented by the British Council in the countries of South Eastern Europe and the United Kingdom. Actually, “Imagine your Future” is a project that gives young people the freedom to reach out and tell their story in a manner that allows them to be heard and understood. By participating in this project, the young people have learned how to use one of the most powerful tools today – the media, for making positive changes in the environment that we are living in.

During the project, the young trainers from Cre8ive8 organized three workshops in cooperation with the Metamorphosis Foundation, during which the participants got the opportunity to express themselves, present their views about the future and create new innovative films with the Digitales technique and the digital storytelling.

The results from this project are packed in 21 digital stories that are transferring their message in a creative and innovative method, and enabling us to see the world through the eyes of the young.

Imagine an opportunity to dive into the dreams of young people transformed into creative digital stories! Just come and enjoy!

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