Brochure on personal data protection and privacy on the internet

Within the frames of the CRISP project (Children’s Rights on the Internet – Safe and Protected) and in cooperation with the Directorate for Personal Data Protection, the Metamorphosis Foundation prepared and published the brochure “You decide…”
brosura-metaThe brochure subtitled “Thoughts and facts on the protection of your personal data” was promoted on Sunday, 27.01.2008, during the press conference held in the premises of the Directorate for Personal Data Protection, on the occasion of the European Data Protection Day.
The brochure “You decide…” is intended for the young population, i.e. the teenagers, and contains many useful information on how to protect privacy and personal data while using the internet (e-mail, messengers and other channels for communication via the internet) as well as some thoughts and facts regarding the use of cameras in public places.

The CRISP project continues with the creation of other resources with similar content intended for the younger population as well (preschool children and children in elementary schools, their parents and teachers), such as flyers, posters and a specialized website.

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