First public internet access point in Gorno Orizari

Norimasa Shimomura, deputy representative of the United Nations Development Programme, Jani Makraduli, President of the Government's Commission for Information Technology and Member of the Parliament of Republic of Macedonia and the Mayor of Veles, Mr. Ace Kocevski have opened the first Office of the Veles Municipality and the first free public internet access point in the village of Gorno Orizari.

Seven PC's, wireless LAN/Internet connection to the municipality, local phone extension represent the technical measures to implement the first office of such kind in Republic of Macedonia for the citizens of Gorno Orizari, the largest rural place in Macedonia. The municipality will enable local access to all administrative services, free internet access as well as possibilities for ICT training.

Mr. Shimamura said: "UNDP supports these initiative because they support the knowledge level improvement of the citizens, lowering of the number of poor and ecnonomic development". Mr. Kocevski said: "The citizens of Gorno Orizari will not have to go to Veles for administrative needs". Jani Makraduli, president of the Government's Commission for Information Technology expressed his optimism: "I believe that the level of internet use is already achieving the 20% level". 

Source: Municipality of Veles

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