Jurak ot Petrof published an e-book under the Creative Commons license

An interesting collection of songs, interviews and photographs marking
what Jurak ot Petrof creates on his blog was published yesterday at the
author contents portal as an e-book under the Creative Commons license.

jurak-ot-petrof The work published in PDF form is entitled “Hank has never done this before” and is available for download by the interested readers audience.

Jurakot has made the decision to publish this work under the Creative Commons license because of the times we are living in, or, as he puts it “as digital and pirate as they can get”. He adds: “The originals have finally died and, in a way, this makes me feel a lot more relaxed. Actually, the whole concept of originality has dramatically changed. Today we have one copy, uploaded to some server, and this very copy is being downloaded by hundreds, thousands of people instantly and simultaneously. Given this, originality remains in the content of the work itself, and the author is given a chance to get into all of those PCs, thus becoming a digital exclusivity, a pure idea, fiction – place of birth for the messages he is conveying”.

According to him, the work has finally returned to its rightful owner – the author, thus eliminating the intermediary, the limited circulations, censorship – the monopoly wrapped around literature, defining who could and who could not publish. Now, the one that “sells” is actually the only one that has the right and responsibility to do that – the author, and Creative Commons is excellent for regulating this link between the author and his work”, says Jurakot.

“Hank has never done this before” is a collection of 30 poems plus a bonus – 2 interviews and 5 photographs, all created in the period between 2006 and 2008.

The collection has a dynamic design, it’s a classic web design complementary to the idea and the pragmatic functionality of the network. The poems are fictitiously divided in 3.3 things. These are probably different phases of loneliness depicted in separate periods of time. Here are the women, drinks, bars…love, sex… and finally, their absence. It seems as if the past is an experience without any particular function, some sort of late advice”, Jurak ot Petrof ends his thought.

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