LAN Fest Conference 2011

lfclogoThis year, initiator and organizer “LDM Ideas” in cooperation with a number of public and private institutions is co-organizing the IT event “LAN Fest Conference 2011” – the new, modern successor of the good old Infokom. The LAN Fest Conference is an event that consists of several sub-events providing the exhibitors and visitors with an opportunity for an effective cooperation in the field of information and communication technologies. LAN Fest will be held in the multifunctional sports hall “Boris Trajkovski” (May 20-22, 2011).

The main emphasis of the event will be the exhibits allowing companies to present their services and activities. However, retail sales will not be allowed at the event. In addition to this type of direct presentation, exhibiting companies are provided terms in the conference halls and lecture rooms for holding additional presentations of an open or closed type. More than 80 ICT conferences, presentations and trainings will be conducted during the event by Ministries, local and foreign ICT experts, and by the exhibiting companies, and will be electronically broadcast live on www.lanfest.mk.

As an organization that is active in the field of information society development, Metamorphosis will also be part of the exhibitors at LAN Fest. In addition to the stand on which all interested visitors can be informed about our programs, Metamorphosis will also present itself with three lectures:

The largest digital festival will also take place at LAN Fest, with 500 participants networked in one place for a period of three days. Participants will be subject to an extensive agenda with workshops, competitions in various ICT skills, sharing of information and data, and electronic sports games taking place. Additionally, this segment brings along the greatest public and direct technical presentation of a complex technical solution in Southeast Europe, where aspects in the field broadband internet, security systems, management of complex infrastructures and their structural placement will be directly presented.

The WCG qualifying event is organized for the seventh consecutive year by the Macedonian e-Sports Federation, which is announcing the qualifications for the Electronic Sports World Cup, which is to be held in Korea in 2011, where the best athletes who apply will be sponsored to represent Macedonia in the disciplines of the e-Sports World Cup in Korea 2011.

As such, the event is of great importance for the development of ICT society in Macedonia, for both the private and public sector, therefore the event is receiving big support from the Ministry for Information Society and Administration, the Ministry of Transport and Communications, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, Invest in Macedonia, the Chamber of Commerce, Union of Chambers of Commerce, the City of Skopje, the Agency of Youth and Sport.

For further information, please visit www.lanfest.mk where you can register as a participant and be part of the LAN Fest Conference which (having in mind our current situation in this area) is a revolutionary event and resembles the world famous ICT fair CeBit. For more information, please contact contact

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