Macedonia: 32% of the Citizens Use Internet

According to the Media Development Center

Media Development Center published part of the results of the research “Technical Conditions and Potentials of the Broadcasting Activity in Macedonia” (Macedonian, .ppt, 880 KB). The research was conducted by the research agency SMMRI (Strategic Marketing and Media Research Institute) and was financed by FOSIM together with OSCE.
The research was conducted on the entire territory of the republic of Macedonia, with 1.222 respondents with household incidence, and implementation of the three-part possible stratified sample. The research measured usage of TV devices, VHS devices, DVD devices, radio devices, satellite and cable TV, expressed readiness for usage of digital TV and high-definition TV, as well as internet usage. The analysis was performed in December 2005.


68% of the Macedonian citizens said that they do not use internet at all. 14% use internet in the internet clubs, while 11% surf at home. 9% use internet at work, 4% use internet when visiting friends, while 1% said that they use internet somewhere else.

The fact that 50% of Macedonian citizens are connected to cable TV provoked great attention at the first public presentation of the research.

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