Macedonia: ‘Be a news blogger’ awards announced

Diversity Media Production announced the ‘Be a news blogger’ awards for young bloggers in the premises of the Journalists’ Club in Skopje on February 29, 12:00h.

First place went to Novica Nakov for the text ‘(Un)familiar (lack of)knowledge


Second place to Fatlume Dervishi for the blog ‘The concept of democracy in countries in transition’ and

Third place for Monika Petrovska and Maja Peroska for the text ‘Democracy – freedom to choose our own dictators’.

High school students, activists, students, young journalists and students from the journalism faculties participated in the competition.

Members of the jury were Aleksandar Chomovski, experienced journalist, editor and host of the show: ‘If it is’, Zoran Stevanovski, а reporter for BBC radio in Macedonian for many years, living in London, Filip Stojanovski, blogger and new media expert and the team of Diversity Media.

The competition for best blog was part of the project ‘Well-informed citizens as a foundation of democracy’ within the framework of which, renowned journalists produce radio analyses three times a week and broadcast them on 16 partner radio stations in Macedonian and Albanian.

Diversity Media Production (DMP) is a nonprofit organization established to promote professional journalism, contribute to a greater freedom of speech and support democracy and pluralism in Macedonia.

DMP’s goal is to completely raise the standards by introducing high professionalism in journalism through the online media and radio.

DMP supports the perception that citizens are the essence of political and social life. Therefore, the organization shall assist citizens in being part of the important debates, especially the citizens belonging to minority groups and marginalized groups.

Source: Diversity Media Production „Објавени наградите “Биди NEWS BLOGER“ February 29, 2012

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