Macedonia: Number of e-stores with privacy policies increases

The periodic monitoring of the presence of privacy policies in e-stores conducted by the Metamorphosis team indicates a growing trend. With the growing number of e-stores, the percent of privacy policies in this sector is also growing. In July 2011, 77% of the active e-stores have had privacy policies. 

As a subsequent activity within the framework of the project Online Privacy Initiative (OPI) in order to raise the public awareness about the privacy protection of internet users among the members of key target groups, the Metamorphosis team held presentations within the framework of the trainings on opening e-stores, organized by Exquisite in the YES Incubator.


Two separate presentations were held on May 28 and July 5, 2011, covering the following topics:

The trainings, covering all the other aspects of opening an e-store were attended by 39 participants from the following four groups:

  • Owners and managers of companies dealing with sales and willing to improve it via a new sales channel
  • Directors of sales and marketing departments
  • Young entrepreneurs willing to start their own e-businesses
  • Enthusiasts willing to learn more about e-commerce

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