Netherlands: Rotterdam hospital selects OS solution for its internal ordering system

The IJsselland Hospital in Rotterdam has recently launched an open source-based system which facilitates the automated ordering from the in-house warehouse and the purchasing of products. 

The step complies with the hospital policy of considering open source (OS) alternatives in the selection process for all new software.

The IJsselland Hospital, which has more than 100 medical specialists, 1 500 employees and 220 volunteers, selected the OS software OpenERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) for the internal ordering system. This selection was made due to the fact that as an OS system, and in contrast to commercial systems, OpenERP has the flexibility to be applied to the hospital’s processes. Its low implementation costs also played a part in the decision.

Besides supporting the internal ordering system, OpenERP is also being considered for use in various other sections and departments within the hospital. For example, the Patient Information Department is interested in using the package, starting next year, to support the internal use of patient documents. In addition, it is being investigated whether other OpenERP modules exist which could benefit the hospital.

The hospital’s policy of considering OS alternatives has already resulted in the introduction of a number of OS products: Wiki, Content Management System (TYPO3), Portal (Liferay), SAP Linux servers, Apache web server, PostgreSQL database and now OpenERP.

Source: OSOR.eu „NL: Rotterdam hospital selects OS solution for its internal ordering system“ October 20, 2011

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