Presentation: “e-Gov for a Modern Macedonia”

Implemented projects, as well as the future e-Gov projects have been presented
egov1.jpgPresentation “e-Gov for a modern Macedonia” was held in the Daut Pasha Hamam in Skopje on May 16, 2006 and was organised by US Agency for international development (USAID). Macedonian Prime Minister Dr. Vlado Buchkovski opened the presentation.

Aleksandar Geshtakovski, director of Civil Servants Agency, presented the civil servants application software developed with USAID support and stressed that since its launching 75% of the applications have been submitted via the software.

Jerker Torngren, USAID e-Gov Project Chief of Party presented the software applications developed for the e-Gov concept with the USAID support, and announced new applications in the health care and tax spheres.

Stefan Plavjanski, Hewlett Packard territory sales manager for Macedonia and Kosovo, presented the HP e-Gov projects implemented throughout the world, noting that similar solutions would be suitable to implement in Macedonia.

Ilijancho Gagovski, director of Microsoft Macedonia, reminded of the web portals launched in December that were part of the Strategic Partnership Agreement between the Macedonian Government and Microsoft: www.uslugi.gov.mk, www.emarketplace.org.mk, and gs.gov.mk – inner governmental portal for General Secretariat for monitoring the status of implementation of decisions of the Government, and also mentioned the first e-Government session held this month.

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