Serbia to join PayPal in 2010

Serbian telecommunications minister Jasna Matic stated during an internet conference that there are plans to include Serbia in the “PayPal” internet payment system by the year 2010.

Serbia’s accession to this system, which would be free for the users, would be an incentive for e-commerce and business in Serbia. Matic stated that the number of internet connections had increased by 300.000 in 2008, thanks to the development of 3G mobile internet. She also said that not everyone who has the opportunity to use the internet is actually using it, and therefore the popularization and reduction of the price would positively influence its expansion. According to Matic, the tax on mobile telephony tax could slow this process a bit.

Namely, the two-day conference “I front” was also attended by Simon Bruconi – promoter of Amazon.com’s internet services in Europe, David Rogers – PayPal payment system researcher, as well as Cisco representatives, and representatives of the online sale company “e-shop” and the Serbian national internet domain register.

Source: B92 “PayPal u Srbiji 2010. godine” June 10, 2009

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