Using Creative Commons for promoting Macedonia throughout the world

The official presentation of the TV video for promoting Macedonia –
“Macedonia Timeless” that was published online under a Creative Commons
, took place on Wednesday, December 24, 2008, at the Museum of
Contemporary Art in Skopje.

This TV video, written and directed by Milcho Manchevski (an Academy Award nominee in 1995), is the first in a series of TV commercial videos promoting the Republic of Macedonia as a tourist destination. The video will start airing on CNN and CNN International on December 25th, 2008, and will continue to air in a dozen countries in eight more languages.

logo_white_fonDuring the event, there was also a promotion of the website www.macedonia-timeless.com designed for supporting the campaign.The publishing of videos under the Creative Commons license Attribution – No derivative works 2.5 Macedonia is essential for their promotion to internet users all over the world. With this license, users are able to download and republish the videos on other websites, and the existence of a wide international community of authors who are using the licenses and acting as a network is an additional advantage.

Although a great number of countries choose to promote themselves by airing videos on satellite TV channels, Macedonia is probably the first country in the world to integrate its internet promotion with a Creative Commons license.

Creative Commons provides the artists from all over the world with a simple and efficient method for sharing digital contents globally. With the Creative Commons licenses, thanks to the exemption from the obligation to respect the rights arising from the completely protected author contents, the artists have the opportunity to share their works with an enormous world audience that is free to continue contributing to their additional promotion.

The Creative Commons licenses are adapted to the legal system of each country; they are present with a localized edition in Macedonia since 2007, thanks to the Metamorphosis Foundation.

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