WordPress plugin for integration of a Ping.mk share button developed

ping_logoThe Metamorphosis Foundation is pleased to present you the WordPress plugin which enables users to add a share button for link submission to the Macedonian news aggregator Ping.mk. The plugin was developed by Boris Kuzmanov, who announced that the next version will have the option for integration of a button that enables users to vote for the submitted link.

Download the plugin: Ping.mk Share Button.

How to install the plugin in your WordPress website:

1. Download the Ping.mk Share Button.

2. Log in to your WordPress website. On the left side Menu, click “Plugins” and then click “Add New“.


3. When the installation screen for additional components appears, click “Upload” on the Menu in the upper part of the screen.


4. For the next step, click “Browse“, locate the previously downloaded plugin on your disk and click “Open”. To start the installation of the plugin, click “Install Now“.


5. A screen will appear, indicating the progress of the plugin installation. When you see the message „Plugin Installed successfully“, click on „Activate Plugin”.


6. You have now successfully installed the plugin on your WordPress website and you should configure it. To do this, choose “Settings” from the Menu on the left side and choose Ping.mk from the additional links.


7. From this screen you can select how and where the share button for submitting links on Ping.mk appears. After you adjust all the options, click “Зачувај промени”(Save changes).


8. If you check your website you will see that the button for sharing links on Ping.mk is now appearing in the sections that you have selected.

Metamorphosis Foundation would like to express its gratitude to Boris Kuzmanov for his initiative in developing the WordPress plugin for integration of the Ping.mk share button.

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