Young Macedonian blogger Daniel Kraljevski published his third book under a Creative Commons license

Daniel Kraljevski, a 20-year-old blogger who started writing in order to “make her laugh while reading his books”, published his work for the third time in an e-book format, under the Creative Commons license.

kralj---3-dela.pngHis last book “Stranded feelings” is a collection of 63 songs and
several haiku poems. It is reflecting the feelings of the author
through verses, or, as he says, “feelings caused by the challenge to
love without getting something in return from the loved one”. The name
of the book comes from the manner in which it is created and what it
represents… “a small room in which all of my feelings are trapped,
since every unsuccessful attempt to write a story ended with writing
verses”, says Kraljevski.
The book, same as the previous two, is dedicated to the girl with a coloured name, whom everybody knows as Bokas!

“Stranded feelings” is a book of 73 pages, which became available for
download in PDF format through the Macedonian portal for sharing author
contents licensed under Creative Commons
. This work is
available under the Attribution – Share Alike 2.5 Macedonia license .

The previous work of the same blogger, author and poet, “Forbidden
was published just a few days ago. This science-fiction work
consists of short stories placed in 3 interconnected parts. “All the
stories are based on a love story which is trying to expand the horizon
of the ones in love, show them something that would define the
spiritual love without any lust, clean as a mountain spring and the
love that doesn’t ask for anything in return from the loved one”, says
Kraljevski about his second book, published under the same license as
“Stranded feelings”.

The first electronic book of this author was published at the beginning
of the year. The title of this work is “I am love” and it is a
collection of short stories in which every story is a separate true

Daniel Kraljevski was born and lives in Kumanovo. First he started
writing on his blog (the one registered on Blogeraj and the other on WordPress)
since he needed to express his feelings. Unfortunately, none of his
books has been printed, since he cannot afford to cover the costs
himself. However, he is optimistic: “what I achieved by writing my
three books is nothing more than a sigh with a pleasant feeling in my
chest. The books will wait for a competition or maybe a Government

Together with writer and Macedonian language professor, Svetoslav Rakic

– also writing on the portal, Daniel is also the editor of the blogs
мостови ” and “mostovi” intended to promote young Macedonian writing
talents in Bosnia and Bosnian talents in Macedonia, accordingly.

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