Every minister boasted and took pictures about the project “One Point for Services” but it never succeeded

Collage of the visits of government officials to the offices of “One point for services” / Photo: State institutions   The offices “One Point for Services” that were opened in Skopje, Kumanovo, Ohrid,…



Protecting Your Digital Identity: The Importance of “Cyber Hygiene”

In today’s digital age, it’s more important than ever to take steps to protect yourself from cyber threats. From viruses and malware to phishing scams and identity theft, there are a host of…



Communicating digital transformation to the citizens – an important contribution to bridging the gap

Digital transformation is changing our lives in ways we could not have imagined even a few decades ago. It has brought new opportunities and challenges, and it is transforming the way we live,…



Institutions as a cause of privacy breaches in the media

Even if competent state authorities disclose private data of a perpetrator or a victim, media must not transmit that information. An error on the part of state authorities does not imply a “permission”…



“ADA”, the digital assistant based on artificial intelligence that will provide the citizens with information about state aid – News Agency

The digital assistant “ADA”; Photo: Government of the Republic of North Macedonia Investors and citizens will be able to receive information about the state aid programs of the Government of the Republic of…



The application of artificial intelligence in state institutions is useful, however it is dangerous if misused – News Agency

Photo: writes that the use of artificial intelligence in the public sector would help to increase the quality of services, to save citizens’ time and money, but also to prevent corruption.…



The use of artificial intelligence without a strategy exposes the citizens to risk, the country has not started the procedure yet – News Agency

Photo: The image was posted by Gerd Altmann on Pixabay The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the absence of a strategy or a regulation exposes the citizens to the risk of potential…



“The alerts made high school students anxious and created gaps in their learning” – News Agency

Photo: archive Poorer results and lack of knowledge, lowered concentration, anxiety, and stress among both students and teachers. Students are suffering the consequences of the false bomb threats which interrupted the educational…



“The pattern of false bomb threats: 905 threats, eight cities, 76 email addresses [infographic]” – News agency

Photo: Written by: Meri Jordanovska and Antonija Popovska Eight cities, a total of 905 false bomb threats, of which 876 were in elementary and high schools. Almost a third of the threats…



“Only 6.5 per cent of the requests for certificates in 2022 were filled out by citizens in electronic form [infographic]” – News agency

Electronic birth certificate, photo by Pixabay, edited by Only 6.5 per cent of the requests submitted by the citizens for issuing birth, death, or marriage certificates are in electronic form, while the…



A recent look towards Cybersecurity in the Western Balkans: How can we improve the cybersecurity level in the region?

Digitalization and Cybersecurity are some of the hot topics in the Western Balkans (WB). The entire region has officially shown its commitment towards digitalization as a process in 2018 by taking on the…



What is digital identity and why do we need it?

The accelerated advancement of technology brought forward its immense influence on our daily lives in terms of providing easy-to-use and faster solutions to our needs. It has also influenced the way we see…

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