Published: Media monitoring – Analysis of media content related to good governance

As part of the Accountability, Technology and Institutional Openness Network in South East Europe – ACTION SEE project, the partner consortium composed of 6 countries from the region and the Westminster Foundation, worked on the drafting of the Media monitoring – Analysis of media content related to good governance, for each of the 6 countries from the region.   This analysis aims to provide an overview of the manner of media reporting on good governance, transparency, and accountability and the type of undertaken civil initiatives, i.e., covered project topics. It also seeks to detect the type of changes caused by […]

Research: Media – Never enough of reforms

How to reach the ideals of generations of idealists, people from all over the world, who have fought or are still fighting for freedom of speech, freedom of expression, freedom of receiving and giving information via free internet space or traditional media? How free access to information and court punishments for insult and defamation, and other laws too, will not be a threat to freedom of speech and concurrently serve as a dam for the abuse of freedom of speech and media and a necessary level of protection of each person, including public figures too? Were the country’s media outlets […]

Anti-corruption and compromises – mission impossible

Establishment of entirely new integrity system centrally and locally; increase of the severity of the infringement policy in the main anti-corruption law and amendment to the existing law on protection of whistleblowers are just some of the recommendations that have arisen as conclusions from the research conducted by Metamorphosis Foundation which addressed the topic of Anti-corruption and Fight against Organized Crime. This area is probably the crucial for the rule of law in one country and reaches to literally every branch of government and institutions thereof, thus reaches to all citizens who gradually lose their trust in the country they […]

The Regional Roadmap on good governance for the Western Balkans countries has been published

Between July and December 2018, the consortium of 6 regional countries as well as the Westminster Foundation for Democracy developed the Regional Openness Index, which served as an indicator regarding the measuring of the level of transparency of governments and ministries of the Western Balkans countries as well as availability of information to citizens. The Regional Roadmap on good governance of the Western Balkans countries unites the separate national action plans of the Western Balkans countries and incorporates high level recommendations for each institution to improve the transparency. Following the principles of transparency, this paper lays down a series of […]

Roadmap on good governance for state institutions in the Republic of Macedonia – 2018

Openness represents a key condition for democracy – since it allows citizens to receive information and knowledge necessary for equal participation in political life, effective decision making and holding institutions accountable for policies which they conduct. Institutions worldwide undertake specific activities with the aim to enhance their transparency and accountability before the citizens. The Roadmap on good governance for state institutions in the Republic of Macedonia (2018) can be viewed here: https://goo.gl/EjwzbK

The electoral system – serious source of crises in Macedonia

In its current state, the electoral system is a serious source of crises in the Republic of Macedonia. This is the general conclusion of Metamorphosis Foundation’s research conducted within the framework of a regional project on assessing the fulfillment of political criteria for Western Balkan countries’ EU accession. The research, based on previously developed and precise methodology and interviews with experts, has shown that the electoral system in Macedonia ought to alter a number of things – change of the model of six constituencies into one, from changing the manner of forming the electoral roll to changes in the media […]