A real explosion of disinformation about Covid-19 in the past period happened on the Internet, primarily on social networks. The spread of untruths, half-truths and manipulations was especially intensified with the start of the mass vaccination and the emergence of the delta variant of the coronavirus. In this fourth wave of the pandemic, the narrative in creating the wrong image of the dangerous disease has taken a turn towards vaccines. There are widespread and inaccurate claims that vaccines are untested, ineffective, and harmful to human health, all in order to harm the immunization process and deter people from being vaccinated. In recent months, “Truthmeter” debunked hundreds of such posts


The spread of misinformation was led by several Facebook profiles that constantly published posts on this topic. The same people were the loudest during the anti-vaccine protests that took place last month.



Such posts, citing out-of-context statements, and unscientific studies, are spreading untruths about the vaccination against Covid-19. In this sense, it is claimed that mass vaccination is not salvation from the virus, that vaccines are full of toxins, that they contain graphene oxide, spike protein and luciferase, that they have microchips and magnetizing effects, that they have not been tested and it is not known what side effects can appear in the long run.

However, despite such claims, there is new evidence every day that the salvation from this dangerous disease is vaccination and that vaccinated people develop immunity and if they become infected they have milder symptoms. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, unvaccinated people are currently the biggest concern. Those who received two doses and became infected with Covid-19 are rare cases as opposed to those who have not received a vaccine. In fact, the latest epidemiological analyzes of the Ministry of Health show that the highest mortality of patients with Covid-19 in the country was in the cities where there is the lowest percentage of vaccinated population.

“Truthmeter” has repeatedly written that there is no scientific evidence that vaccines contain graphene oxide. And foreign fact-checking services, such as those of Reuters and the Associated Press, have reported that no vaccine administered against Covid-19 contains the enzyme luciferase. Also, on the official website for vaccination in the country, which lists the ingredients of all vaccines administered in North Macedonia, graphene oxide nor luciferase are not mentioned.

Regarding the claims that link the spike protein and vaccines, many medical sources suggest that the spike protein in the vaccine is not the same as that of the coronavirus. In addition, the spike protein contained in the vaccine is in very small quantities, and the body removes it without consequences once an immune response is created. Such posts deliberately misinterpret a scientific study. But according to the study co-author, the presence of minor amounts of spike protein does not mean that mRNA vaccines have the potential to cause serious harm. Moreover, the professor at the Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Dragan Danilovski told “Truthmeter” that the spike protein created after the vaccine is not the same as that of the coronavirus.

So far, the information that vaccines against Covid-19 contain a microchip has been debunked several times. The fact is that the vaccines do not contain microchips. The whole drama with alleged microchips, through which, supposedly, the population will be monitored, has nothing to do with reality. In fact, the US company ApiJekt is considering an “optional microchip”, but it would be on the syringe label and would not be injected during immunization. As we have already written, this microchip is intended only for the USA, and not for N. Macedonia. This technology is completely optional and the US government has not yet decided whether they want to use it or not. It is also important to note that vaccines from any manufacturer do not contain metals. The dose of the vaccine is less than one millilitre and there is not enough volume in which a microchip could be inserted, even if one would like to do it.

In addition, Covid-19 vaccines do not contain aborted fetuses or kidneys from monkeys or chicken embryos. Nor is it true that vaccines alter your DNA.



Conspiracy theories were inevitable for the owner of “Microsoft”, Bill Gates, who allegedly has a plan for depopulation through mass vaccination of the population around the world! It is insinuated that he “expects 700,000 victims as a result of vaccination.” Such disinformation has also been debunked.

The multi-billionaire, who invests in the development and production of coronavirus vaccines, has never said such a thing. In an interview with CNBC on 9 April last year, he reaffirmed his efforts to find a safe vaccine that would work for the elderly, with no side effects and only hypothetically stated that if there were side effects in one in 10,000, it could potentially be harmful to 700,000 people. He never said that the side effects would be fatal, as it is claimed in the posts that are spread on Facebook, fueling the anti-vaxxer campaign and have a negative impact on the vaccination process.



In parallel with the disinformation about the vaccines on social networks, the well-known lies that the pandemic is false, the masks do not protect us, and the PCR tests do not detect the coronavirus, things that were mentioned at the anti-vaccine protest in Skopje, continued to spread.

But the World Health Organization (WHO) and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have never questioned PCR tests. On the contrary, the view is that the PCR test accurately detects the presence of the coronavirus.

The WHO is also adamant that wearing a mask is a key measure to prevent Covid-19 transmission as well as save lives. The masks, as they state, should be used in a comprehensive approach, with physical distance, avoiding crowds and sitting indoors, good ventilation, frequent hand washing.

Statistics show that Covid-19 is not a fraud. At the time of writing of this article, the virus has infected nearly 220 million people worldwide since the beginning of the pandemic, and more than 4.5 million have died. In Macedonia so far (as of 7 September 2021) there are 6,129 dead, and the number of diagnosed since the beginning of the pandemic is 180,919.

This article has been republished from Truthmeter.