“The lack of interoperability between the institutions in RNM charges 300 denars from the citizens [infographic]” – News Agency

Photo: RNM Government / Archive photo Despite the fact that in North Macedonia there is a Platform for interoperability or interconnection, according to which state bodies, institutions and business companies should exchange data…



EVENT ANNOUNCEMENT: Digital Agenda for Citizens – Digitalization and Digital Transformation for More Efficient Administration

“Wandering in vain around the counters is overcome with digitalization and networking of registers. In such a situation, the state institutions have no reason to ask the citizens for data that they already…



Event announcement: Regional Dialogues for the Digital Agenda on Digital Identity

The ICEDA partners in cooperation with the ICEDA host partner NGO 35mm are organizing the Dialogues for the Digital Agenda: Can we have quality e-services without a digital identity? which will be held…



Invitation to participate in the event “What can we do to better protect the personal data of citizens?”

We are pleased to invite representatives of civil society organizations, institutions, media and all other individuals who want to know more about personal data protection at the panel discussion “What can we do…



Why read cookie policies?

Each time you visit a website, the first thing you notice is the cookie acceptance window that the website uses. You often accept them without paying much attention to them, because you simply…



Call for Civil Servants: Open Data Workshop

Metamorphosis Foundation actively works to improve the transparency and accountability of institutions at the central and local level and as part of the USAID Civic Engagement Project, implements activities to enhance the openness…



Blaževski on POINT on youth migration: We have no problem with creating strategies; we are lagging behind in implementation (VIDEO)

Photo: Fisnik Xhelili We need to do more in North Macedonia if we want to reduce the number of young people fleeing the country, I think we have no problem with creating…



Part of the Metamorphosis team attended the Erasmus+ Mobility Program in Vienna

Part of the Metamorphosis team attended the Erasmus + Mobility Program on “Building an Online Education Program” which takes place from May 30 to June 3 in Vienna. The training was organized by…



Petreski on POINT: Western Balkans – target of foreign disinformation campaigns, we are working on exposing them

The malignant influences in which disinformation is used to spread them have a regional component in the Western Balkans so that one disinformation passes from one country to another, and when it returns…



Zilbeari on POINT: The fight against disinformation is intensifying, with coordinated actions we can oppose it (VIDEO)

Elida Zilbeari, photo: Fisnik Xhelili / As fact-checkers, we have faced many attacks throughout our work, but that is our challenge. I would not predict how the war against disinformation would end,…



Conference “Dealing with Disinformation in the Republic of North Macedonia”

On May 31, 2022, in Skopje, the conference “Dealing with Disinformation in the Republic of North Macedonia” was organized by the Metamorphosis Foundation. This event was dedicated to building a multi-sectoral approach to…



Conducted open data training for four state institutions

The Metamorphosis Foundation, in cooperation with the Ministry of Information Society and Administration, conducted two-day open data training for four state institutions on 26 and 27 May. The training covered the following topics:…

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