Innovation Forum @ Microsoft Визија

innovation forum логоThis year, as part of the seventh annual Microsoft Conference – Vision, the Innovation Forum, titled “Innovations and the Economical Development” took place, aiming at finding solutions for today’s social and economical problems by means of technological innovations, especially at a time of a global recession.

Jan Muehlfeit @ Innovation ForumThe forum started with the presentation “Crises as opportunity for innovation” by Jan Muehlfeit, who presented the potential of the IT industry at a time of a global financial crisis and elaborated how this industry can change society. In addition, he stated that the software and IT industry are the key factors for innovations and economic development.

The second part of the forum was dedicated to Microsoft’s project “Partners in Learning”, and the projects implemented in cooperation with USAID, “Developing the next generation workforce”, and British Council, “Envisioning the school of the future”. The projects are aiming at improving the education in Macedonia, and providing a better future for the students and easier employment.

he Microsoft Vision Conference is continuing today, and photographs from the event are available on the Flickr profile of IT.com.mk:

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