Join the campaign „Get Online Week“

Get online week” is a big European-level campaign which aims to increase the number of people who use computers and the Internet, through raising public awareness about the benefits of digital inclusion.

The civic association “Open the Windows” participated in the campaign organized by Telecentre – Europe and supported by the European Commission and numerous civic organizations, companies and media.

In the period from 28 February to 5 March 2011 a message will be sent through various events throughout Europe saying that the computer and the Internet are tools that can help everyone, without exception.

The civic association “Open the windows” in cooperation with other civic organizations, will present the benefits of using computer and internet to approximately fifty persons with disabilities who had no opportunity for that.

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In 2010, during the same action, around 70,000 people from all over Europe had the first “touch” with computers and the Internet. This year, organizers expect to include 100,000 new users of computers and the Internet.

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