Lenovo at the Macedonian Market

Lenovo announced the strategy for Macedonia: offering high-quality products and services and constant innovations

lenovo.gifLenovo announced the entering into Macedonian market after successfully completed integration with the IBM PC production department.

“I am very pleased to announce the official launching of the company presence into Macedonian market. I believe that this will announce a new era in the computer systems sphere in Macedonia,” said Mr. Nenad Basta, director of the Lenovo office for Serbia and Montenegro and Macedonia. “It is our goal to meet the users’ needs and it is our obligation to offer innovative Lenovo products, lower expenses and greater productivity,” added Mr. Basta.

Inet is the local Lenovo partner for Macedonia.

After recent integration with IBM and presenting the Think technology, Lenovo is currently ranked among first three companies on the world PC market with 7% shares in the market. Production is about 14 million units per year (information for the year 2004), with 13 billion dollars income per year.

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