Macedonia: from e-book to hardcopy edition via Creative Commons

Tonight, starting at 20.30 hrs, the hardcopy edition of the book
“Varski and other stories” will be promoted in the Cultural Centre

pisatelot-varskiThis book by Dushko Goshevski was initially published in electronic form under the Creative Commons license .
Dule the Barbarian from Valandovo as the author of this work is also known, published the book “Varski and other stories” on the portal for author contents in electronic form on the 8th of February this year and since then it has been downloaded about 2400 times, which clearly indicates the effect of promoting e-contents through Creative Commons. Most of the contents of this book are actually posts that have been selected from his blog , where aside from stories and poetry he is also publishing critiques on literature, art and music.

“Varski and other stories” is the first published work of this author to be promoted this evening as a print edition as well. Namely, the print edition of the book will be digitalized and also published under the Creative Commons license. At the same time, the first digital edition will also be available for download.

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