WSA Macedonia 2007 Winners Selected

The independent multidisciplinary Jury of the World Summit Award Macedonia selected the Macedonian representatives to the global contest through a transparent and open process.

As part of the process for selection of the WSA-Macedonia, the Jury had a public meeting on June 5, 2007 in the Economic Chamber of Macedonia, when most of the candidates presented their projects in person. After the presentations, the Jury continued debating via e-mail and the relevant category committee held additional meeting on June 8 on the premises of Metamorphosis Foundation. This meeting provided the final decisions on the winners in all eight WSA categories:

Category Maceodnian  candidate for the global WSA contest* Organization or Institution Direct links Type
e-Government ApplyOnLine Agency for Civil Servants of RM link Web

Children’s Health

NGO Detska nasmevka [Children’s smile] link Web

Mobile server for global monitoring

Boris Sekirarski link Web

Educational CD-ROM “Bojan & Jana in the world of games”

Vizijanet (supported by Metamophosis) link CD

Kade vecher [Where to go out tonight]

Martex link Web

Portal: Digitization of cultural heritage

Institute of Informatics of the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Math., UKIM, Skopje link Web

National Tourism Portal

Exploring Macedonia link Web

Portal for Accessible IT

NGO Open the Windows link Web

In addition, the Jury issued resolute condemnation of all who use e-contents to promote hate speech (racism, ethnic and religious hatred, homophobia, misogyny) and other illicit activities, and appealed for raising awareness of both the public and the authors of e-contents who need to be aware that participation in the media space implies both privileges and responsibilities.

The Macedonian World Summit Award Competition for 2007 was organized by Metamorphosis Foundation, while the candidates were selected by independent multidisciplinary expert Jury by strictly following the guidelines provided by the global organizer, and following the principles of transparency.

The activities of WSA-Macedonia 2007 so far took place on the three interconnected fields:

  1. Organizing the Jury
  2. Encouraging participation and applying of participants
  3. Conducting the selection

Organizing the Jury

For WSA 2007, the Metamorphosis team invited a range of experts hailing from the educational, governmental, business and the civic sector, who through their professional engagements contribute—directly or indirectly—to development of information society in Macedonia. The discussion on determining of procedures and criteria for the selection included over 40 experts, with 30 of them taking part in the eight committees which performed the selection in each category.

All Jury members performed their duties without a fee, volunteering their expertise and time to support the WSA.

While composing the Jury, special attention was paid to representatives and inclusiveness. In regard to gender, 60% of members are male, and 40% are female. In regard to ethnicity, 20% of members belong to non-majority ethnic communities. In addition, 30% of the Jury members hold doctoral or masters academic degrees.

A separate voting committee was formed for each of the eight categories of e-content. In order to prevent all sorts of discrimination, but also to prevent conflict of interest, the Jury established a rule that Jury members whose affiliated organizations or institutions participate in the contest cannot take part in the respective committees. These Jury members could participate only in committees where participants had no affiliation with them.

Encouraging participation and applying of participants

Metamorphosis Foundation conducted range of activities to increase the number of candidates for the contest, applying the following measures:

  1. The competition was announced through paid advertisement in five daily newspapers (Dnevnik, Utrinski vesnik, Vest, and Vreme in Macedonian, and Fakti in Albanian language), and two weekly magazines (Tea moderna and Kapital).
  2. Announcement about the competition was also published in the Nedelno Vreme weekly (in a 2-page article) and the Avantgarde monthly magazine, as part of their cooperation with the civic sector.
  3. A banner/link-exchange program was organized, forming a network of over 30 websites who acted as voluntary promoters.
  4. The team disseminated the information via e-mail by using direct contacts, and also through the April and May issues of the Metamorphosis eNewsletter, which had 726 and 752 subscribers, respectively.
  5. On May 11, 2007 in the Cultural Centre Tochka in Skopje, the organizer conducted a Public Panel on the topic “Promotion of Macedonia in the world via e-Content,” in order to further promote the WSA.

Conducting the selection

On April 23, 2007, the Jury determined the timeframe and the procedures of the selection process. In the meantime, the candidates had opportunity to apply via form posted on the official WSA-Macedonia website. Applicants received confirmation via e-mail, and also received optional forms to input additional details about the projects in order to better present them to the Jury.

After the application deadline (May 31), the organizers compiled all materials from the applications and published them on the website, making them available both to the Jury and to the general public. Basic info on the applicants was published first, and then the data from the optional forms was added. This process ended on June 2.

On June 5, the applicants had an opportunity to present their projects directly to the Jury. Out of 41 applicants, 21 utilized this option.
This event was open to the public and to all participants. Besides the opportunity for direct communication with all the Jury members and presenting their projects, the participants had the opportunity to engage in all the discussions, ask questions and share their opinions on all issues pertaining the WSA, including the projects of their competitors. None of the participants present voiced remarks on the composition of the Jury, the rules and procedures, or the participation of any of the other applicants.

After the project presentations, the Jury held a discussion and open vote per categories. In certain categories the discussion carried on after the meeting via e-mail. Another meeting of the Jury members of the relevant committee took place on June 8 on the premises of Metamorphosis Foundation, when they reached the final decision. The completed list of winners of WSA Macedonia 2007 contest was immediately published on the website. On June 9, all applicants received this information via e-mail also.

* The organizers and the Jury of the World Summit Award Macedonia contest have no control over the contents of the abovementioned websites (outside the domain wsa.org.mk) and their participation in the contest does not mean that the organizers or the Jury endorse the content published on these websites in the past, present, or future.

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