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“The alerts made high school students anxious and created gaps in their learning" - News Agency


Photo: archive Poorer results and lack of knowledge, lowered concentration, anxiety, and stress among both students and teachers. Students are suffering the consequences of the false bomb threats which interrupted the educational process almost daily for months. In the past few weeks, there have been no reports, after the school management started applying the […]

“The pattern of false bomb threats: 905 threats, eight cities, 76 email addresses [infographic]” – News agency


Photo: Written by: Meri Jordanovska and Antonija Popovska Eight cities, a total of 905 false bomb threats, of which 876 were in elementary and high schools. Almost a third of the threats occurred on Wednesday, while the fewest threats occurred on Monday. February was the month with the most threats – only on five […]

"Only 6.5 per cent of the requests for certificates in 2022 were filled out by citizens in electronic form [infographic]” – News agency


Electronic birth certificate, photo by Pixabay, edited by Only 6.5 per cent of the requests submitted by the citizens for issuing birth, death, or marriage certificates are in electronic form, while the rest are submitted in person, i.e. with a physical presence. On the other hand, there is an upward trend in the number […]

A recent look towards Cybersecurity in the Western Balkans: How can we improve the cybersecurity level in the region?


Digitalization and Cybersecurity are some of the hot topics in the Western Balkans (WB). The entire region has officially shown its commitment towards digitalization as a process in 2018 by taking on the Digital Agenda for the WB, directly supported by the European Commission. One of the four pillars of the Digital Agenda for the […]

What is digital identity and why do we need it?


The accelerated advancement of technology brought forward its immense influence on our daily lives in terms of providing easy-to-use and faster solutions to our needs. It has also influenced the way we see the world and develop as a society, as well as individuals. Governments have embraced the processes of digitalization to provide different citizen […]

"The future of mass surveillance in Serbia?" - Global voices


Since 2019, Serbian digital rights organizations have warned against surveillance system. Photo of Ana Toskić Cvetinović, LL.M. courtesy the author and used with permission. This article was written by Ana Toskić Cvetinović, executive director of the civil society organization Partners for Democratic Change Serbia, a member of the Increasing Civic Engagement in the Digital Agenda […]

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