The conference closed with the announcement of the winners of the Open Data Hackathon


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The digital transformation should have a holistic approach, to connect everyone, to be inclusive, i.e. everyone should be able to feel the benefits of it. But in this process, the focus must be on respecting democratic values and human rights. Cyber security and respect for human rights are also of paramount importance.Bardhyl Jashari, Executive Director of Metamorphosis, conveyed such a message at the closing of this year’s 17th International Conference “” organized by the Metamorphosis Foundation, thanking all the participants who during the four days shared their knowledge, experiences, but also thoughts and directions for action for the areas covered at the conference. It was attended by EU representatives in the country, government officials and officials in international organizations, as well as experts from civil society organizations from the country and abroad.
Photo: Vancho Dzambaski


At the closing of the conference, the winning solution for the application of the Open Data Hackathon was announced, which was organized in parallel with the conference.

“Each of us, civil society organizations, government institutions and experts, should take responsibility for the situation, and we should all work together to create a vision for digital transformation,” said Jashari, concluding on the various topics discussed at the four-day conference.

The conference talked about digital transformation, open data and their importance for democratic development, digital information and inclusion in the discussion of citizens. Among the main topics were the dissemination of misinformation and ways to combat it, as well as the improvement of media literacy and critical thinking, with an emphasis on young people, as well as digital security and the protection of privacy in the online sphere.

In addition to the debate sessions, trainings were also organized on the aspects to which the conference was dedicated, and the main event was of course the Hackathon, i.e. a competition of several teams to create a digital solution with open data – an application that will help a burning issue.

The jury had a difficult task, explained Stanislav Vasilkovski from the Ministry of Information Society and Administration, who was the chairman of the commission, because all the teams had good ideas and solutions.

The winner of the Hackathon is the startup team Web pillar & Data consulting.

“In recent days, the teams have had a difficult task to create a solution. The concept of the winning team was assessed as the most successful because they had a clear goal they want to achieve. Congratulations to the winning team,” – explained Vasilevski.

As explained by the winning team, their idea is to create a web application that will provide information about the schools and their facilities and equipment, and which will then enable the schools to compete for prestige. However, the application will also show how many casinos there are around the schools and at what distance, i.e. whether they are within the legally prescribed distance.

“We tried to develop a concept for students and parents to have access to a web application through which they will see how developed the school is, how many laboratories there are, but we also tried in the application to allow people to see the distance from school to casinos, to see whether the laws are respected and to have a clear vision of how the legal solution has been implemented. The second thing we intend to incorporate in the application is for schools to present and compete, so, for example, if a company wants to find talent, it will see which schools have a higher rating,” explained the team.