Openness Index for the Local Government for 2022

The Metamorphosis Foundation for Internet and Society, within the framework of the USAID Project for Civic Engagement, assessed the state of good governance in the local self-government units (LGUs) in the Republic of North Macedonia for 2022. The assessment is the result of a conducted research based on the Openness Index.

The 2022 survey found that most municipalities are not doing enough to meet openness standards. The results in the districts indicate that LGUs apply low standards for consultation, transparency, monitoring and control in their operations.

The average score of local self-government units according to the Openness Index survey for 2022 is 27%. This is an indication of a low level of openness in the operation of the local government in the Republic of North Macedonia. The municipalities have the highest average score for the indicators in the area of transparency, 34%, and the lowest average score in the area of awareness, 13%, the same as last year.

The openness index showed that in the measurement for 2022, the municipalities of Valandovo (62%), Prilep (59%), Bitola (57%), Ohrid (54%), Kočani (52%), as well as Veles and Delčevo, Demir Hisar and Krushevo (50%) and Vasilevo (47%) have the best results, while the lowest ranked are Dolneni (9%), Vrapčište (8%), Karbinci (7%), Butel (6 %) and Sopište (5%).

The full report for 2022 is available in Macedonian and Albanian.

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