A 3-day open data training was held in Skopje from March 18 to March 20, 2015. The training was attended by 16 participants who had an opportunity to learn more about open data and to work as a team in coming up with project ideas that could later be implemented. The team selected a project which is to be implemented in the upcoming period and is expected to culminate during the Hackathon taking place in May at the POINT conference in Sarajevo, Bosnia. The training was held by Dona Djambaska from the Metamorphosis Foundation and Tin Geber from The Engine Room.


20 ideas suggested for the data-based project

The training was attended by representatives of the following organizations: Eko-svest, Coalition “All for Fair Trials”, Pogon, CRPM, Public, MCMS, FOSM, Finance Think, Reactor, FINKI and YEF. Twenty ideas were initially suggested at the training, and only one of them was eventually selected for implementation. The project ideas ranged from large-scale, complex projects, to smaller, more specific ones, such as the project idea for restoration of public toilets. However, the project selected by the team will focus on the improvement of cycling conditions in Skopje.


Let’s advocate for better bike lanes in Skopje!

The project aims to collect data important for advocacy on improving cycling conditions in the city. By using the mobile application, activists will have a chance to collect the necessary data via crowd-sourcing. Then they can use this data for evidence-based advocacy. This data will be merged with other open data, in order to get a clear perception about the situation with cycling in the city and how to improve it. This is just the beginning, the group will continue to work and inform you about the progress of the project!

Available materials from the training:

Photos from the training are available here.

Short presentation on data and open data (in Macedonian):