In a significant step towards strengthening regional cybersecurity, Bardhyl Jashari represented Metamorphosis at the Cyber Zero Conference, held in Prishtina on March 4-5, 2024. This event, organized by the Albanian Cyber Security Association with support from the US Embassy in Prishtina, brought together experts and policymakers from around the region to discuss pressing issues in cyber security and the growing concern of digital disinformation.

During the conference, Bardhyl made a noteworthy contribution to the panel on AI and Disinformation. He shared invaluable insights from North Macedonia, showcasing how artificial intelligence (AI) has been utilized in both beneficial and detrimental ways. Bardhyl highlighted specific examples where AI had been deployed to spread disinformation, particularly around the critical periods of elections, to distort reality and confuse the public.

He emphatically stressed the potent capabilities of AI in the modern era, noting that technology, which had been previously used to deceive and manipulate, has now been empowered to an unprecedented degree. During the discussion he underscored the challenges societies face as disinformation becomes more sophisticated, requiring a more nuanced and comprehensive approach to tackle.

Bardhyl called for a “whole-society approach” to combat the menace of disinformation. He argued that while digital and media literacy are fundamental in equipping citizens to navigate the complexities of the digital world, these measures alone are insufficient. The need for robust fact-checking mechanisms and narrative analysis was highlighted as pivotal in discerning truth from falsehood and safeguarding democratic processes.