Using technology and innovation as a tool for promoting and establishing good governance – this was the main topic of the workshop held in Sarajevo on 28.05.2016 as one of the main events of the POINT 5.0 conference organized by ACTION SEE network and partners. 13246212_1069154529810999_3622259330293960714_o The workshop indicated the potential ways on how to improve government accountability and good governance through the use of new technologies and what is the current status regarding good governance in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The panelists on the workshop were Adis Muhović from CPU Foundation BiH and Darko Brkan from UG Zasto ne BiH on the first panel; and Michal Skop -Kohovolit, Dušan Jordović – CRTA, Milena Gvozdenovic – CDT, Anna Peniazko – Slovak Governance Institute, Ondrej Gallo – Pontis Foundation and Dona Džambaska – Metamorphosis on the second panel. 13301337_1069155173144268_1847410556586874335_o Adis Muhovic started the workshop talking about the challenges for Bosnia regarding good governance issues. He talked about the current economic and social reforms and the status of them in the country. Darko Brkan added about the situation regarding the complexity of making decisions and the effect that the current government setup has on the make up of the good governance in BiH. „Many levels and split jurisdictions create incentives for not being accountable and having lack of good governance overall“ – Darko stated. 13305195_1069155469810905_7162602452687932871_o The second panel was a mix of positive experiences from all over the two regions regarding good governance and ways to improve it through using technology. Participants from the both regions shared information about the challenges they face, as well as advices for overcoming them. 13350268_1069155509810901_7766452987605497934_o 13301330_1069155809810871_724012808716248729_o The ACTION VISEGRAD SEE project objective is to promote a dynamic civil society that effectively mobilizes citizens for active engagement on good governance issues related to good governance, and influences policy and decision-making processes at national and regional level in Western Balkans.

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