e-Society11The conference was attended by around 200 participants from the country and abroad, representatives of the relevant government bodies and representatives of the civil society and business sector. Twelve domestic and five foreign representatives held presentations during the 4 working sessions, and each working session was followed by an active discussion.


e-Society 2011During the second day of the conference, two parallel workshops were organized on the topics ‘Green office’ and ‘Creative reuse of e-waste’. At the “Green office” workshop visitors had the chance to learn about how they can optimize the everyday processes in their business environment so that they would have a minimal impact on the environment.

On the other hand, participants at the workshop for creative reuse of e-waste had the opportunity to create new objects from non-functional electronic devices..

Further information, as well as the presentations of the speakers are available on the official conference website. In the meantime, you can feel a part of the atmosphere at the conference through the set of Flickr photos as well as the numerous messages sent live via Twitter.