ANTICKIOT_GRAD_NA_ISAR_MARVINCI_VALANDOVODuring the promotion, the importance of this event which is of particular importance for Macedonian archaeology was highlighted, because for the first time after the publishing of the Archaeological Diary by Vasilka Dimitrovska, a scientific paper in this area is being published by a renowned archaeologist, both in Macedonia and abroad. Ms. Vasilka opened the promotion, talking about the importance of publishing such works on the internet, because of the reduced financial costs, but also because of the availability of this work for everyone and anytime.

For now, the work is only available in electronic form and anyone can download it free of charge via the Creative Commons portal, while abiding by the conditions stipulated in the Creative Commons Attribution – Non Commercial license. Irina Shumadieva, the representative of the Metamorphosis Foundation, provided more details about the licenses, the advantages of using them and about the way they work. Archaeologist Goran Sanev, who is also managing the Archaeology portal ‘Porta Arheologika’, attended the promotion as well and stated that he is hoping that the publishing of this electronic monograph would be an inspiration and a beginning of the introduction of Macedonian Archaeology in the contemporary publishing trends, which undoubtedly allow for easy and quick access to necessary information.

Finally, the author presented several interesting conclusions. Among other things, she identifies the city of Isar with Dober, one of the two cities mentioned in the sources. According to her, this archaeological site deserves to be known in our science and among the public.

Victoria Sokolovska (1931) is an archaeologist and a longtime employee at the Macedonian Museum in Skopje. She turned her professional interest towards studying the history, the material and spiritual culture of the tribes and peoples inhabiting Paeonia and Macedonia in ancient times, with special emphasis on the publication of cities’ and toponyms’ names. In the period from 1976 to 1996, she managed the scientific project ‘The Valley of Vardar in the First Millennium BC’ in which the researches of the Isar-Marvinci Valandovo site had a special place, and were also an inspiration for this book.

An English version of her work is being prepared.