The two-day training on the topic of “Safe use and protection of privacy on the internet” for students of primary and secondary schools from the municipalities of Debar, Centar-Zhupa, Mavrovo and Rostuse took place on November 18 and 19, at the Drim Hotel in Struga.

The training was conducted within the framework of the Cyber guardian angels project – children’s safety on social networks and the internet from misuse of their personal data, implemented by the Centre for Sustainable Community Development Debar in partnership with Metamorphosis, and supported by USAID’s Civil Society project. The main objective of the project is protection and education of youth from misuse of their personal data on the social networks.

The training was held by lecturers from the Metamorphosis Foundation, and it was attended by 25 participants, including students from primary and secondary schools and teachers from the above mentioned municipalities.

Students had an opportunity to learn more about the basic concepts related to privacy and security on the internet, the dangers lurking on the internet, how to recognize them and how to protect their privacy and safety on the internet. In addition, students and teachers were also educated about privacy on social networks, and recognition of hate speech.

The lectures were complemented by interactive exercises and presentation of short educational films, as well as games for evaluating the lessons learned by the participants on the topics of the lectures.

Students were motivated to openly discuss and ask questions about the protection of their personal data and privacy on the Internet.