Najdi! Book Internet Service Promoted

Internet service Najdi! Books for searching Macedonian books was promoted in the premises of the NGO Infocenter on March 9th, 2006.

Internet service Najdi! Books was promoted by the creator of Macedonian search engine Najdi!, Mr. Petar Kajevski. Mr. Nikola Gelevski, director of the publishing house Templum and Mr. Filip Stojanovski, representative of the Metamorphosis Foundation.

Mr. Gelevski said that Najdi! does not follow the pattern of the current search engines and that it much beyond information collector.

“Najdi! Book offers full-text search for all words contained in the books, and not just in titles or in the key words lists. Currently, Najdi! Book has provided indexes of 250 books from 15 Macedonian publishing houses and scientific institutions,” noted Mr. Kajevski. He added that he expect the number of indexed books to reach 400 titles by the end of the following week.

Prof. Zoran Velkovski, pro-rector for studies at the Ss. Cyril and Methodius University said that there is a great opportunity for cooperation between the University and Najdi! Book.

Najdi! Book is part of the oldest active Macedonian search engine Najdi!. Within Najdi! Already functions Najdi! Blog that offers monitoring all Macedonian blogs that are becoming increasingly popular medium in the country.

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