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Antonija Popovska


A professional journalist with more than sixteen years of work experience in the profession. She graduated from the Department of Journalism at the Faculty of Law “Iustinianus Primus”, and gained her professional experience in several newsrooms as a journalist and editor.

She has won awards and recognitions for published journalistic texts and stories and participated in international investigative journalism projects. She is the author of many successful projects in the field of education, including articles, manuals and guides for students.

She has been working as a journalist in the news agency “” (part of Metamorphosis Foundation) for more than four years. She is covering the areas of education, health and social welfare.

Antonija started his professional career in the daily newspaper “Vreme” in 2006, and continued in the daily newspaper “Nova Makedonija”. In recent years, she has worked as a freelancer on several projects and has been a contributor to several online media.