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The Metamorphosis Foundation is a partner organization of the TechSoup Balkans software donation program for the Republic of Macedonia. Techsoup BalkansThe Techsoup Balkans donation program offers a wide range of software products for non-profit organizations, and they are only required to pay an administrative fee. To purchase software solutions through this platform and to receive donations, you should first register using the following link:

This donation is available for non-profit organizations with the status of a Citizens’ Association or Foundation in the Registry of Associations and Unions.

After you complete the (individual) registration, please fill out the registration form for your non-profit organization or public library through the following link:

Note: All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required. When registering at the Techsoup Balkans platform please only use the English (Latin) keyboard input method.

Programa za softverski donacii