• data encryption
  • using software for anonymous surfing
  • protection of children’s privacy online
  • adjustment of the privacy settings on Facebook

The workshops will be moderated by representatives from Metamorphosis and Free Software Macedonia, covering each topic respectively.

Namely, at the stand for protection of children’s privacy on the internet, visitors will be informed about the ways and means for protecting their children online, learn more about the risks and get advice on this topic.

At the stand for adjustment of the privacy settings on Facebook, visitors will be able to learn more about the standard and custom privacy settings on their Facebook profiles, get advice and immediately adjust their privacy settings with the assistance of the moderator.

At the other stand users will have an opportunity to voluntarily join an open wifi network, with a clear notice that all personal data is being collected. This will enable participants to practically see the risk of connecting to an unsecure network, and to be informed about how to avoid exposure of their personal data.

These workshops will be held during the conference “Freedom and Privacy on the Internet” which is part of the long-term project for decentralized cooperation between Macedonia and the Lower Normandy region, supported by the France-Balkans network.