The Global Fact conference, the largest worldwide gathering of fact-checkers will take place online from June 22 to June 30.

More than 150 speakers from more than 40 different countries will discuss the state and the future of fact-checking are expected to take part in the week-long virtual gathering at

ADN-Balkans members, who are at the same time members of the International Fact-Checking Network (IFCN), will hold a special session titled Countering cross-border disinformation: Experiences of Anti-Disinformation Network for the Balkans,

The panel will take one hour on Tuesday, June 30 starting from 13:00 hrs CEST (Skopje, Belgrade, Tirana, Prishtina) i.e. 14:00 hrs EEST (Athens, Sofia).

Participants in the session include Bardhyl Jashari from Metamorphosis Foundation as host/moderator, and the following panelists:

  • Filip Stojanovski |Metamorphosis Foundation
  • Klodiana Kapo |
  • Thanos Sitistas | Ellinika Hoaxes
  • Milena Popovic |

The question “How to deal with media manipulations that mutate while spreading across borders?” is the focus of this discussion.

The phenomenon of cross-border disinformation deserves special attention. These manipulations circulate between national political/media spheres, get adapted to fit the requirements of local propaganda, and often come back to the country of origin in more toxic form, inflaming hate speech and discrimination. Acknowledging that dealing with this issue requires an upgrade to their fact-checking practices, IFCN members from five Balkan countries joined forces with five other organizations promoting journalism and public accountability and formed the Anti-Disinformation Network for the Balkans, as a nucleus of a wide front for multi-stakeholder action against populist and extremist demagoguery.

Within the panel, each speaker would provide perspective of their own country based on the experiences of the organization, and share a concrete example of countering cross-border disinformation, while together they will provide comparisons and synthesis of joint efforts.

This session is part of the Private Track, and is only available to the registered participants of the conference.