The international action day "Freedom not Fear" will be marked in as many European
capital cities as possible and elsewhere around the world to
demonstrate against the total retention of telecommunication data and
other instruments of surveillance.

We would like to recall the
remembrance of the historical achievement of civil rights and liberties
as a heritage of the Age of Enlightenment and to support the trust in
security in our free society.

Macedonia will join this
international campaign through activities organized in Skopje on the
10th and 11th of October;

During the first event (on Friday) a panel of renowned legal and other
experts will hold public discussion, alongside activities to distribute
information to students of the University Ss. Cyril and Methodius. Download the agenda with a list of invited guests.

The second event (on Saturday) will include distribution of leaflets and posters, as well as excerpts from the Law on Protection of Personal Data of
Republic of Macedonia. A stand will be set up for the citizens to
receive more information and where they will have opportunity to record
statements about their feelings on surveillance, which will then be
posted online.

The second event will be organized in the capital's center by the Metamorphosis
Foundation, the Directorate for personal data protection, Forum for European Journalism Students, Foundation Open Society Institute – Macedonia , European Law Students' Association – Macedonia, the Youth Educational Forum, the Macedonian Center for European Education and the Internet Hotline Provider – Macedonia.