On June 22, 2015, the Metamorphosis Foundation will promote the Picodemocracy mobile application in partnership with the Macedonian Centre for European Training and Reactor. The promotion will take place at the EU InfoCentre in Skopje (11.00h).

The application aims to enable polling in the form of mini-referendums, with large groups of citizens being asked simple questions by state bodies, municipalities, NGOs, media, etc. in order to quickly and efficiently obtain opinions on certain issues. Users of the application have the opportunity to answer questions of interest to them and to see the opinion of other users in real time.

The application allows anyone interested to be involved to the desired extent, with citizens receiving feedback on a particular issue, while institutions and organizations have the opportunity to survey the public opinion in a very simple way.

The application was developed under the “Good Governance Action Network” project, implemented by Metamorphosis in partnership with MCET and Reactor and supported by the European Union. The project aims to enhance the involvement of civil society in the public opinion creation, in policy-making and participation in the decision-making mechanisms, and to increase the capacity of civil society for dealing with important societal issues.

Please confirm your attendance at this event via e-mail or by calling +389 2 3109 325, no later than June 19 (Friday), 14.00h.