On the occasion of the international initiative „Слобода наместо страв – меѓународни денови на акција“, the Metamorphosis Foundation in partnership with the Coalition “Citizens of Macedonia” will organize a number of activities, including a workshop on the safe use of mobile phones.

The workshop will be conducted by Predrag Tasevski, founder of cybersecurity.mk taking place on Monday, October 19 in the premises of the GEM club (14.00 – 16.00h). The number of participants is limited; therefore everyone interested in participating at the workshop must register by filling out this form no later than October 16, Friday, by 14.00h.

Before this workshop, a debate will be held at the GEM club on the same day, October 19 (11.00 – 13:30h) on the topic of safety of communications, and security threats such as monitoring and surveillance of communications.

Thanks to the Metamorphosis Foundation, the initiative (www.freedomnotfear.org) has been present in Macedonia since 2008, and this year, the coalition “Citizens of Macedonia” is also joining as a partner.

Since the safety of communications and the security threats for monitoring, wiretapping and surveillance of communications are currently popular topics in Macedonia, we believe that your support and engagement in these activities is of great importance. The fear of surveillance must not prevail over the freedom of speech.