Filip Stojanovski from Metamorphosis talked about the media events that changed the world, i.e. how the dissemination of particular information through the media can help solve specific problems, by presenting inspirational examples from around the world. He also discussed how the local and the global can intertwine and assist each other, drawing on the experiences from Global Voices.

The second presentation was about creating e-content from the local communities. During this presentation, the wiki technology was presented as a cost-effective and efficient solution to supplement the lack of information of local importance, and as a website for sharing contents about Macedonia. Participants were familiarized with the technical and aesthetic aspects of editing articles on this website. With the training of these 15 participants, the number of users covered with the trainings on using increased. The trainings were conducted within the framework of the Project for decentralized cooperation between Macedonia and the Lower Normandy region.

The presentation was completed by presenting the aggregator and its use for promotion of their e-content.