The conference was attended by a representative of Metamorphosis, who discussed about the situation regarding the application of information technologies in Macedonia’s education system, focusing on the work of the state institutions. Among other things, the activities of the foundation in the area of open educational resources and the conclusions resulting from the research of Metamorphosis were presented, as well as the conclusions from last year’s e-Society conference on the topic of “Open Education for an Open Society – let’s share the knowledge”.

Experiences from Estonia were shared by representative Nele Leosk who spoke about the situation with the application of ICT in the education system in her country. The conference was attended by representatives from Albania, including Adrian Tana, the Deputy Education Minister and Genc Polo, Minister for Innovation, Information and Communication Technology, presenting the achievements in this field so far, as well as plans for the future.


This conference marks the completion of the project “Building international best practices to enhance e-learning in Albania” implemented by the ALTRI Centre from Albania, as part of which the round table “Use of new technologies in education: Exchange of practices between Macedonia and Albania” was held on December 20, 2012. The project is supported by the East-East program through the Open Society Foundation – Albania.