Gem Club, Skopje, 17 December 2015

The aim of this meeting with the investigative journalists was to present and explain the project implemented by the Foundation Metamorphosis that is dealing with the broadcasting sector, which includes the art of journalism as well. The investigative journalists saw the presentations of the project’s objectives and activities as well as the dilemmas, conditions, issues and challenges that were present during the entire process of the digitalization in the broadcasting sector. Furthermore, the aim of the meeting itself was to spur the journalists to investigate in the media they work at, to publish investigative stories related to topics about the digitalization in Macedonia, and with the publication of those stories to approach the wider public/audience as a final user of the digitalization process. In addition, the knowledge gained from these investigative stories is expected to motivate future discussions and actions in order to improve the current conditions in this area.

Read the investigative journalists’ stories here.