The project researches and analyzes all the issues related to the current conditions that have emerged as a result of the process of digitization in broadcasting. The findings will be integrated into a final Document that, in addition to the collected data and analyses, will also contain recommendations and guidelines on promoting digitization in broadcasting in the future. The Document will be publicly available as a printed and online publication and will be distributed to all the relevant national and international institutions.

For the preparation of the final Document, researches and analyses will deal with issues arising from the already implemented process of digitization in broadcasting, as issues related to several important topics: market and digitization in broadcasting; reflections in the market of terrestrial and cable media as well as media broadcasting with IPTV; the effects of digitization from a technological aspect; business practices; are there any changes (and what kind of changes) in the program offer and in the journalistic approach; changes in marketing; participation, efficiency, effectiveness and inclusiveness in the process of digitization ; who got the most and who lost; what did the citizens get and what did they lose.

The project researches and analyses are projected as a methodologically sustained, broadly inclusive and consultative process in which individuals and institutions from the media sphere in the country will be included on an expert level.

The project is funded by Independent Journalism Programs, London