We invite you to be part of the project-based education program “Cyber-security and safety” which will be held in the period from January 11th up until January 18th, 2021. A total of 4 online sessions will be scheduled, each lasting approximately 90 minutes, begging at 15:00h.

In the duration of the programme, participants will be familiarized with the basics tenants of cyber-security and safety, privacy protection, surveillance, and cyber-security plans.

In the duration of the programme, with mentorship provided by the trainer, participants will be able to devise their own, personal (or organizational) security plan. Selected plans will be subject to funding for their implementation.

We especially encourage applicants from the civil society organizations, media, journalists and teaching staff.

Leading the programme is the program support officer in Metamorphosis Foundation, Goce Arsovski. He is a psychologist, researcher and experienced trainer, working in the NGO sector for the past 7 years.

Note: Working language of the webinar is English and all interested individuals from North Macedonia and Kosovo are invited to participate.

For details and how to apply for the webinar click on this link.