Should the use of artificial intelligence (AI) be allowed in universities and schools? How and to what extent do students and pupils use AI in the preparation of their assignments? Should the use of AI be regulated by law? These are just some of the questions that will be open for discussion at the “Cyber Shake” – Youth dialogues: “Why study when there is Artificial Intelligence?”

The event, organised by Metamorphosis Foundation, will be held on Monday (December 18th) at 18:00 in Tetovo in the premises of the Future Skills Next Center at the South East European University. All interested to participate can register on the following link.


– Jeton Shaqiri, Мinister of Education and Science
– Adrian Besimi, Professor, South East European University
– Sabrije Tefiki, Coordinator, Forum for Educational Change
– Zana Reçi, student at Tetovo University
– Njomza Behadini, student at South East European University

The “Cyber shake” is part of the international conference, whose main event is going to be organised the next day, December 19th at Hotel Marriott – Skopje.

The “Cyber shake” is organised by Metamorphosis Foundation with the support from USAID’s Activity for young people which actively creates opportunities, implemented by the organistion IESC in partnership with Youth educational forum and CEED Hub Skopje.