viki_1The training was attended by 7 activists – volunteers of the NGO Support Centre in Debar. They had an opportunity to familiarize themselves with the Wiki technology and to learn how to use the media wiki software for editing local content on the website.

At the beginning of the training, trainer Kiril Simeonovski briefly presented the Wiki technology, its importance, the advantages of using it and the various Wiki projects: Wikipedia, Wikitravel, Wikibooks, etc. At this point, the project was also presented and continued to be in the focus of the remaining part of the training.

Participants were familiarized with the rules for editing various content, step by step, by working on a particular article in the following order:

  • Text editing, creating links and adding sources
  • Image and multimedia editing
  • Table and category editing
  • Discussion page editing

viki_2The end result was the edited article for Galichnik fulfilling all the requirements to be part of the website.

The trainer eventually urged the attendees to contribute as much as they can to the enrichment of content on, and content of other wiki projects.

Similar trainings will be held in Veles and Skopje in the month of April.