digitalen_arhivSo far, thirteen works have been published on the website of the Digital Archive of the Macedonian Language, and as time passes by it will be supplemented with new manuscripts, materials and rare books. “This digital archive could increase the chances for penetration of the Macedonian language, literature and culture in the world, and it would also make the materials easily available. Scientists, linguists, researchers of the culture, history and tradition of Macedonia and the Macedonian language will now have access to the resources that would be of help to them and would incite those studies, thus contributing to a greater promotion of the Macedonian language worldwide”.

The digital archive of the Macedonian language is completely free for anyone who would like to use, search through and download the materials. The only requirement for the users is to attribute the source of the works in case the works are published on other web locations, thus enabling the referencing of data from the works which is necessary for scientific communication.

The application of the Creative Commons license on the website of the Digital Archive is a revolutionary step made by the Macedonian scientific institution, and the absence of requirements for using the works, except for the basic one – Attribution, makes them available for the Macedonian as well as the world reading public.

The Creative Commons license was applied as a result of the cooperation between the Research Center for Areal Linguistics and the Metamorphosis Foundation.
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